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What is the vision at Crompton House C of E Multi Academy Trust?

‘Our vision is the provision and development of a world class family of schools and to put systems in place to enable all to “achieve excellence” and to raise standards at all key stages’

By monitoring our students as the MAT grows and develops the Directors are keen to develop not only the students’ educational but also their emotional growth.

We aim to accomplish this by:

• Ensuring all academies maintain their individuality, at the heart of each will be a number of core principles as outlined below:

• By developing an understanding and an appreciation of the Christian ethos

• By becoming part of a local family of academies which will work together to provide outstanding pastoral care of all members of the community

• By having a relentless focus on ‘excellence’ in every aspect of school life, acting as a beacon to the local community.

• By encouraging a lifelong love of learning to develop individual self-esteem and therefore, giving young people the confidence to grow into well developed, well rounded, resilient, global citizens.

• By developing the whole child/ young person with a specific focus on Sport, Music and the Arts as a way of promoting involvement in extra-curricular activities, locally, nationally and internationally.

What is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)?

An academy is a school which funded by central government but run independently from the local authority. An academy doesn’t have to follow the national curriculum or keep to usual school holidays. A multi academy trust is a group of academies working in partnership as part of a single organisation called the trust

Crompton House Multi Academy Trust was established to improve and maintain high educational standards across a number of member schools. Through collaboration and partnership, the member schools are able to share expertise and resources. The trust has responsibility for the overall governance, finance and performance of the member schools.

Approximately a third of publicly funded schools in England are now academies (22 per cent of primary and 70 per cent of secondary schools), rather than maintained by local authorities. The idea of schools sharing provision and learning directly from each other is a powerful one and something which has been an ambition of government for at least the last 20 years.

Who are the Crompton Family?

Founded in 1926, Crompton House Church of England School opened its doors to the first 25 pupils on 1st October 1926. The original building which was known as Crompton House was donated by a prominent local landowners, Anne Ormerod and Mary Crompton, to the Church of England to be used as a school. This school was the founding school of the multi academy trust and is known as Crompton House C of E secondary school. This school has expanded over the years as its reputation and achievements have increased along with the size of its intake. The trust emblem originates from the lions found on the Crompton Family Coat of Arms.

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